Lunch Melt Hash Brown Bowls

Lunch Melt Hash Brown Bowls Calories and Price 2024

Try our Lunch Melt Hashbrown Bowl, a tasty midday meal for only $8.85. You can choose Grilled Chicken as your protein, which adds just ten more calories. Want to make it even better? Add Bacon for an extra $2.00 (90 Calories). You can change it to fit what you like: leave out the Onions to save 15 calories, or add 2 Eggs for $1.00 (180 Calories).

Make your bowl better with Hickory Smoked Ham, Grilled Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Grilled Mushrooms, Bert’s Chili, or Country Sausage Gravy, each for $0.50. This tasty bowl has double hash browns, two slices of melted American cheese, grilled onions, and your choice of protein. Plus, you get a fluffy biscuit covered in our special sausage gravy. The Lunch Melt Hashbrown Bowl at Waffle House is a yummy and customizable lunch that will fill you up.

Lunch Melt Hash Brown Bowls Calories

Lunch Melt Hash Brown Bowls Calories

  • Price: US$5.40
  • Calories: 710
Total Fat25g (38%)
Saturated Fat11g (55%)
Trans Fat1g
Cholesterol115mg (38%)
Sodium1920mg (80%)
Total Carbohydrate64g (21%)
Dietary Fiber7g (28%)

How long to burn the calories

ActivityTime to Burn 635 Calories
Brisk walking75 minutes
Jogging57 minutes
Biking57 minutes
Swimming62.5 minutes
Dancing62.5 minutes
Strength training75 minutes

Macronutrient Breakdown

  • Fat: 35.3%
  • Protein: 24.5%
  • Carbohydrates: 40.2%

Tips for a Healthier Lunch Melt Hash Brown Bowl

Check for calorie info:Look for bowls with various vegetables to feel full and add essential nutrients without extra calories.
Pick smaller portions:Choose a smaller size, especially if the regular size seems large.
Choose healthier proteins:Opt for grilled chicken, tofu, or lean options instead of fatty meats like bacon or sausage.
Get lots of veggies:Opt for baked, grilled, or steamed options instead of fried hash browns.
Watch the toppings:Avoid heavy additions like cheese, sour cream, or creamy sauces. These can significantly increase the calorie and fat content.
Choose healthier cooking methods:Aim for a balanced bowl with protein from chicken or tofu, fiber-rich vegetables, and a healthy fat source like avocado to satisfy you.
Skip extra sides:If the bowl comes with bread or fries, consider skipping them or sharing them with someone else.
Drink wisely:Choose water or unsweetened drinks like tea or coffee instead of sugary sodas.
Ask for changes:Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications! You can request no butter, lighter sauces, or even add extra vegetables.
Balance your meal:Aim for a balanced bowl with protein from chicken or tofu, fiber-rich vegetables, and a healthy fat source like avocado to keep you satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The Lunch Melt Hash Brown Bowl contains approximately 635 calories. However, this count may vary depending on any additional toppings or modifications you choose.

The Lunch Melt Hash Brown Bowl is priced at $8.85. Additional charges may apply for extra toppings or modifications.

Yes, you have the choice to select your preferred protein. Options include Grilled Chicken, Bacon, or other available protein choices. Each option may have varying calorie counts and prices.

Absolutely! You can customize your bowl by adding or removing ingredients based on your dietary requirements. For example, add extra eggs or remove onions to adjust the calorie count.

Final Word

The Lunch Melt Hashbrown Bowl at Waffle House is tasty and customizable. It mixes delicious flavors with satisfying ingredients. For just $8.85, you get a significant portion that’s perfect for lunch. Whether you like classic comfort food or want to change it to fit your diet, the Lunch Melt Hashbrown Bowl will make you happy.

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