Waffle House Travellers Rest Menu

waffle house travellers rest menu

Welcome to the Waffle House Travellers Rest Menu. A cozy diner is a perfect spot for friends and families to gather and enjoy a delicious meal at any time of the day. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel right at home with friendly staff and the inviting aroma of freshly cooked waffles.

The Waffle House in Travelers Rest menu is filled with mouth-watering options that will satisfy any craving. Whether you’re in the mood for famous fluffy waffles, a hearty breakfast platter, or a classic diner sandwich, we’ve got something for everyone. Some popular dishes include the All-Star Breakfast, pecan waffles, and our juicy cheeseburgers.

    Waffle House Travellers Rest Menu


DishesPrice In US ($)
All-Star Breakfast8.50
Pecan Waffles5.00
Bacon, Eggs & Toast7.00
Sausage Egg & Cheese Wrap4.50

Lunch & Dinner

DishesPrice In US ($)
Cheeseburger Deluxe6.00
Grilled Chicken Salad7.00
T-Bone Steak10.00
Ham & Cheese Melt5.50


DishesPrice In US ($)
Hash Browns2.00
Biscuit & Gravy3.00
Side of Bacon2.50


DishesPrice In US ($)
Soft Drink1.50
Iced Tea1.50
Chocolate Milk2.00
waffle house travellers rest menu

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Yes, the Waffle House Travelers Rest menu is halal, serving halal menu items.

Yes, we offer a variety of vegetarian dishes, including salads and several breakfast options.

Absolutely. You can order takeout by calling us directly or using select delivery apps.

Yes, the breakfast menu is available 24/7, so you can enjoy your favourite breakfast dishes anytime.

    Final Words

Thank you for considering the Waffle House in Travelers Rest for your next meal. We pride ourselves on serving delicious, high-quality food in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, we’re excited to share good food and company. Visit us soon and experience the warmth and flavor that only Waffle House can offer.

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