Breakfast Grits Bowl

Breakfast Grits Bowl Calories

Enjoy a tasty Breakfast gift bowl at Waffle House for just US$8.85. This satisfying dish is a real energy boost, packing in 730 calories. It has large grits, melted American cheese, and scrambled eggs. You can add bacon, sausage, or ham for extra flavor. It’s the perfect breakfast for anyone who wants to start their day feeling full and happy.

Breakfast Grits Bowl Calories

Breakfast Grits Bowl Calories Count

Calories: 730

NutrientValueDaily Value
Total Fat21.032%
Saturated Fat8.040%
Trans Fat0.5None
Total Carbohydrate17.06%
Dietary Fiber1.04%

Calorie Burn Time

To burn off the 330 calories from a Breakfast Grits Bowl:

ActivityDuration (minutes)
Brisk Walking33
Strength Training33

Breakfast Grits Bowl Calories Breakdown

  • Fat: 58.9%
  • Protein: 19.9%
  • Carbohydrates: 21.2%

When it comes to picking your Breakfast Grits Bowl at Waffle House while watching your calorie intake, here’s what you can do:

Choose a Smaller SizeSee if they offer a smaller portion or ask if you can get less to keep calories lower.
Pick Healthier OptionsWatch out for sides like toast or butter, which can contain extra calories. You should skip them or go light.
Add VeggiesIf you’re having a bigger breakfast grits bowl, try to balance out your other meals that day with lighter options.
Be Mindful of ExtrasAsk for extra veggies to add flavor and nutrition without too many additional calories.
Share with a FriendIf the portion is big, share it with someone else to split the calories.
Balance Your MealsTry to balance out your other meals that day with lighter options if you’re having a bigger Breakfast Grits Bowl.
With these simple tips, you can enjoy your meal at Waffle House while staying mindful of your calorie intake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Breakfast Grits Bowl usually has about 300-400 calories. The exact number depends on the ingredients used.

Breakfast Grits Bowls can be healthy. They have vitamins and fiber. But adding a lot of butter, cheese, or bacon can make them less healthy.

Yes, you can. Use less butter and cheese, and add vegetables like spinach or tomatoes to keep it low in calories.

Final Words

The Breakfast Grits Bowl is a tasty and filling meal. It has grits, eggs, cheese, and sometimes sausage or bacon. This dish can have many calories because of the cheese and meat. You can ask for less cheese or skip the meat to eat healthier. You can still enjoy the yummy taste without eating too many calories.

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