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Waffle House Chicken Sandwich Calories and Price – 2024

Taste the yummy Chicken Sandwich at Waffle House for just US$5.40 and 490 calories. It has a Springer Mountain Farms Grilled Chicken Breast with fresh lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions in a tasty grilled bun.

For a super comforting meal, double your hash browns (+US$0.50, Add 190 calories) or triple them (+US$0.80, Add 380 calories). You can also top them with onions, cheese, hickory smoked ham, grilled tomatoes, jalapenos, mushrooms, Bert’s chili, or country sausage gravy. With Waffle House Chicken Sandwich, make a meal that suits your taste buds and cravings.

Waffle House Chicken Sandwich Calories and Price

Waffle House Chicken Sandwich Calories Count

Fat26 g40.0%
Saturated Fat10 g50.0%
Trans Fat0 g0.0%
Cholesterol90 mg30.0%
Sodium1420 mg59.0%
Carbohydrates30 g10.0%
Dietary Fiber3 g12.0%
Sugars5 gNaN
Protein33 gNaN

Time to Burn Calories

ActivityDuration (minutes)
Walk briskly56
Strength train56

Calorie Breakdown

  •  Fat: 48.1%
  •  Protein: 27.2%
  •  Carbs: 24.7%

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

A Waffle House Chicken Sandwich typically has around 400 to 500 calories. The exact number can vary based on the ingredients and portion sizes.

While the chicken sandwich can be delicious, it might be high in calories and fat. It’s fine to enjoy it occasionally, but it’s important to have a balanced diet with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The price of a Chicken Sandwich at Waffle House is usually around $4 to $6, but prices can vary depending on the location.

Final Word

Waffle House doesn’t have a dedicated chicken sandwich on its regular menu, but it does offer a grilled chicken sandwich. A typical grilled chicken sandwich at Waffle House has around 400-500 calories. The price can vary by location, but it generally costs around $4.00 to $6.00. For the most accurate information, it’s best to check with your local Waffle House or their official website.

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