Bacon Lover’s BLT Waffle House Calories and Price

Bacon Lover’s BLT

Bacon Lover’s BLT

Enjoy the ultimate delight with Bacon Lover’s BLT Waffle House. This sandwich is a bacon lover’s dream, priced at just US$7.00 and with a reasonable 485 calories. It comes with five slices of delicious Smithfield Bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomatoes, all sandwiched between perfectly toasted bread. But that’s not all! Can you make your meal even better by adding HASH BROWNS for +US($) 3.10 and feeling extra hungry? You can double or triple your Hash browns for +US$0.50 or +US$0.80. And remember to add your favorite toppings like cheese or chili! The BACON LOVER’S BLT at Waffle House is a tasty treat you won’t miss.

Bacon Lover’s BLT


Price In US($): 7.00

Nutritional Information

Total calories in Bacon Lover’s BLT: 635

How Long to Burn the Calories?

Enjoy the delicious Bacon Lover’s BLT guilt-free, knowing every bite has flavor and satisfaction.

Calorie Breakdown

  • Fat: 63.1%
  • Protein: 12.1%
  • Carbohydrates: 24.8%

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich usually has 635 calories.

Yes. Lettuce in a BLT gives fiber and vitamins.

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