Grilled Cheese Sandwich Calories and Price  2024

A grilled cheese sandwich at Waffle House usually has about 300 to 400 calories. Calories tell us how much energy food gives our bodies. We get heavier if we eat many calories without using them. Grilled cheese sandwiches taste good, but it’s good to have other healthy foods like fruits and veggies, too. Eating different kinds of foods helps us stay strong and healthy.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Calories Count

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Calories Count

Calories: 330

Total Fat21
Saturated Fat9.5
Total Carbs26

Calorie Burn Time

How long does it take to burn off 330 calories? About:

ActivityDurationIntensityPrimary BenefitsAdditional Notes
Brisk Walking40 MinutesModerateHigh-impact requires more training than walkingLow-impact, easy to incorporate into daily routine
Jogging30 MinutesVigorousBurns more calories than walking, strengthens bones & muscles, improves cardiovascular healthFull-body workout improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles & flexibility, and is low-impact on joints.
Biking30 MinutesVigorousIt improves cardiovascular health, strengthens bones & muscles, and impacts joints.Requires equipment and may not be accessible everywhere
Swimming35 MinutesModerate to VigorousIntensity can vary depending on style and may not be suitable for all fitness levelsRequires access to a pool
Dancing35 MinutesVariesImproves cardiovascular health, coordination & flexibility, fun & socialIntensity can vary depending on style and may not be suitable for all fitness levels
Strength Training40 MinutesModerateIntensity can vary depending on style and may not be suitable for all fitness levels.Requires equipment or bodyweight exercises, not cardio-focused
Please note that this is a general comparison, and each activity’s specific benefits and intensity may vary depending on individual factors such as fitness level, effort, and technique.

Calorie Breakdown

  •  Fat: 56.8%
  •  Protein: 12.0%
  •  Carbs: 31.2%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

A typical Grilled Cheese Sandwich has about 300 to 450 calories, depending on the type of bread, cheese, and butter or oil used.

The price of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich can vary depending on where you buy it. On average, it might cost between $3 to $6 at most restaurants or cafes.

A Grilled Cheese Sandwich usually consists of two slices of bread and one or more types of cheese. It’s often grilled with butter or oil to make it crispy and delicious.

Final Words

As of 2024, a grilled cheese sandwich’s calorie content and price vary depending on ingredients and portion sizes. Typically, a basic grilled cheese sandwich with two slices of bread and one to two slices of cheese ranges from 300 to 450 calories. Prices vary widely based on location and where it’s purchased. However, a standard estimate might be around $3 to $6 at most cafes or restaurants.

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